Springtime Tallahassee – A Festival Event Worth Attending

Tallahassee is the capital city of Florida, the sunshine state of the United States of America. There was a time, in the 1960s, when there was a concerted move to shift the capital to another city that was closer to its larger cities and commercial centers.

That is the time that the citizens of the city decided that they would have to do something that would make other citizens in the state, aware of the charms and beauty of Tallahassee. They came up with the idea of a festival that they named Springtime Tallahassee. This is a festival that has become an annual family event that is heartwarming and full of fun. It also allowed the city to become home to many other festivals that kept the spirit of the city alive and endearing. The first Springtime Tallahassee festival was held in March 1968, though it acquired its name only a year later.

The festival is managed by a private organization that arranges a budget of $350,000 every year to organize the event. Local businesses act as sponsors to raise most of the money, that is augmented by fund-raising events, vendor fees, and member dues. The organization has 250 members who are divided into five Krewes that represent various historical eras. These are Spanish, Antebellum Statehood, American Territorial, War and Reconstruction and the 20th century. Every krewe makes beads or plastic coins which they give out to people during the festival, and these are highly popular with the children.

The festival is a major tourist attraction and attracts a total of 250,000 people from other towns besides its own populace. A parade is the highlight of the festival and will have floats of all the krewes. These floats have to be made within a budget of $3000. Hungry paradegoers (most of them are) have been served with corn dogs and popcorn ever since the parades started. It is a festival in which everybody can participate, dress as anybody and celebrate spring while having a good time. Artists are busy with their business of adding faces and smiles on people’s faces, while tattoo artists are also much in demand. And then there are the photo booths where you can take photos of the artist’s creations for posterity.

Monroe Street in downtown Tallahassee is where the parade takes place and this the traffic police convert into a pedestrian-friendly setting for the duration of the festival. City authorities take a lot of effort to manage the trash, while the police not only manage crowds but also are a part of the parade on motorcycles.

Laverne Macias

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